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Georgina’s Journal: Blogs from a Summer Intern #3

Last week I was explaining to someone the kind of things I’ve been doing here at The Dukes Marketing office, and listing everything out reminded me just how varied the work is, which is great because it means I’m learning a whole lot!

One new thing I’ve been doing is writing press releases for upcoming shows, so learning how to structure and format them. After writing a couple I got the flow of things but thinking of a quality pun-ey title remains the trickiest part!

I’ve also been working on a student campaign proposal involving thinking of ways to get The Dukes known to more students when the new academic year begins. Starting this project felt a little daunting, since I had never written anything like it before, but after doing some research and approaching ideas from my perspective as a student, I ended up really enjoying the project, and look forward to discussing some ideas in more detail with others in the office.

Finally, the Sunset Screening posters I have been making are almost all done, with only one more to paint! In the last blog post I spoke about finishing the Jurassic Park poster, which I really like and is now released. But my favourite has got to be the Dirty Dancing poster, which I’ve had some great feedback on, and is out on The Dukes’ social media channels this week. I felt confident painting the figures, water and landscape since these are central themes in my personal work, so it makes sense that this Dirty Dancing poster would be a good one! Plus the more of these I do, the better I think they’re getting. I can’t wait to have them all finished and collected together.

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