Art in The Gallery



James Fox
Monday 9 January – Sunday 5 February

James Fox strives to convey ideas and questions about our expectations regarding gender roles, work, culture and other aspects of our social and personal lives. Using machine embroidery and reverse appliqué techniques, he seeks to juxtapose pattern with theme in an incongruous and sometimes ironic manner to highlight how our expectations of life have adapted in a changing world.



the-passage-of-venusPASSAGE OF VENUS

Shane Johnstone
Monday 6 February – Sunday 12 March

What happens when a romantic artist rather than a theoretical physicist observes the interactions of space? Shane Johnstone muses upon the choreography of the goddess of love, planet Venus, as she waltzes with the Earth and other celestial suitors. An exhibition of 28 painted portraits of the little known stars from the constellations traversed on Venus’ intergalactic journey.



jeremy-braunROAD WORKS

Jeremy Braund
Monday 13 March – Sunday 9 April

Photographs that aim to discover the art that exists in the commonplace road surface. Images showing the mundane and strictly functional in a new light.



blackoutBLACKOUT: Community responses to Storm Desmond

Monday 10 April – Sunday 7 May

We invite local residents and artists to share their experiences of Lancaster’s 2015 floods and the subsequent blackouts for display in The Dukes Gallery.  Whether it’s a written account or poem, a sketch, painting or photograph, this exhibition will present a variety of responses to coincide with the work-in-progress sharing of the new Dukes production, Blackout.

Please submit your work to the Dukes Box Office by Saturday 1st April, in hard copy form, ideally ready-framed in a black frame, labelled on the back with your name, email address and phone number. We hope to display all the work submitted, depending on the volume of response.


luneside-studiosSummer Exhibition

Luneside Studios

Monday 8 May – Sunday 18 June

Lancaster’s Luneside Studios present a showcase of work by their established members and new members.



30x30-darren-andrews30 x 30

Darren Andrews
Monday 19 June – Sunday 13 August

Three decades of magical outdoor walkabout drama captured and celebrated in 30 photographs looking behind the scenes of The Dukes park shows and back through the 30-year old archive.



As the Gallery Space is used for other activities, please call our Box Office ahead of your visit if you are making a special visit to view an exhibition, to ensure Gallery availability.

To submit your work for consideration for an exhibition, email Dukes Theatre Secretary Jacqui Wilson at for more details.