The School Film

Event details

  • Wednesday 15 & Thursday 16 May
  • 7pm
  • The Dukes, Moor Lane, Lancaster, LA1 1QE
  • 01524 598500

The School Film

By Patrick Marber

“What are great expectations?” “It means he’s going to be rich. And a gentleman”

The whole school assemble in the hall to watch ‘the school film’ which turns out to be an old British classic from the 1940s, in black and white no less.

As the young viewers absorb the adventures of the characters in the old story they begin to discover what their own expectations might be.

Supported by The Family Business

Performed by The Dukes Senior Youth Theatre Group

The Family Business

A new play devised and created by The Dukes Junior Youth Theatre Group

Do you know what your parents do for a job? I mean do you really know? They might say they are teachers or bankers or even taxi drivers, but how do you know? You’re in school all day, they could be doing anything!

This is the story of Tom who found out the murky truth about his mum and her dangerous Family Business.

Both plays will be performed by The Dukes Youth Theatre.


£7 Full Price (£5 Concessions)