Safety Last + Live Score (U)


Event details

  • Saturday 8 December
  • 11am
  • The Dukes, Moor Lane, Lancaster, LA1 1QE
  • 01524 598500

Enjoy the thrilling slapstick classic with a live piano score by Robert Lee of Slightly Fat Features.
A store clerk organizes a publicity stunt in which a friend climbs the outside of a tall building.

Dir: Fred C. Newmeyer
1923 USA 70mins
With: Harold Lloyd Saturday 8 December, 11am

All tickets: £4.50

Screening as part of Comedy Genius. Comedy Genius is a nationwide celebration of comedy on screen, led by BFI, the Independent Cinema Office and BFI Film Audience network, supported by funds from the National Lottery. For more screenings go to   #bficomedy