Mystery Film (18)

mystery film

Event details

  • Thursday 23 August
  • 8.35pm
  • 01524 598 500

We’re bringing the unknown to The Dukes with our Mystery Film screening – a night where nobody knows what we’re showing. It could be anything from 35mm prints of old classics to cult hits and rare big screen outings for forgotten favourites. This is the chance to experience something new – and be pleasantly surprised in the process!

Tickets: £4

The Mystery Film may be any classification up to an 18 certificate. Therefore, these screenings are for over-18s only.

Date Time
November ’17 Miller’s Crossing (Dir: Joel Coen)
December ’17 Misery (Dir: Rob Reiner)
January ’18 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Dir: Ang Lee)
February ’18 Groundhog Day (Dir: Harold Ramis)
March ’18 Sunset Boulevard (Dir: Billy Wilder)
April ’18 The Princess Bride (Dir: Rob Reiner)
May ’18 City of God (Dir: Fernando Meirelles & Kátia Lund )
June ’18 The Manchurian Candidate (Dir: John Frankenheimer)
July ’18 The Babadook (Dir: Jennifer Kent)
Thursday 23 August 8.35pm