Kedi (U)


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  • Saturday 22 & Monday 24 July
  • Please refer to the timetable below
  • 01524 598 500

Cat people, this one’s for you. Thousands of street cats have lived in the city of Istanbul for centuries, roaming free. The locals take care of them – or maybe it’s the other way round. US, Turkish-born filmmaker Torun takes us on an intimate tour through Istanbul’s streets, alleys and enclaves from a cat’s-eye-view.

Dir: Ceyda Torun
2017 Turkey 80mins
With: Bülent Üstün, Sari, Duman


£6.50 Full Price (£5.50 Concessions £4.50 Under 18’s)

Date Time
Saturday 22 July 6.40pm
Monday 24 July 8.30pm