Dunkirk (12A)


Event details

  • Friday 4 - Thursday 17 August& Sunday 10 - Tuesday 12 September
  • Please refer to the timetable below
  • 01524 598 500

Inception filmmaker Christopher Nolan returns with this tense depiction of the Dunkirk evacuations. In May 1940, Germany advanced into France, trapping Allied troops on the beaches of Dunkirk. A desperate effort began to evacuate the hundreds of thousands of British soldiers, using a fleet of civilian ships covered by a handful of airplanes.

As it is director Christopher Nolan’s prefered format over digital all our screenings between Fri 4 – Thu 17 of Dunkirk will be from a 35mm print.

Dir: Christopher Nolan
2017 UK USA 110mins
With: Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh


£6.50 Full Price (£5.50 Concessions £4.50 Under 18’s)

Date Times
Friday 4 August 6.10pm, 8.30pm
Saturday 5 August 1.30pm, 6.10pm, 8.30pm
Sunday 6 August 5.10pm, 7.30pm
Monday 7 August 6.10pm, 8.30pm
Tuesday 8 August 6.10pm, 8.30pm
Wednesday 9 August 11am
Thursday 10 August 6.10pm, 8.30pm
Friday 11 August 6.10pm
Saturday 12 August 6.10pm
Sunday 13 August 7.30pm
Monday 14 August 8.30pm
Tuesday 15 August 8.30pm
Wednesday 16 August 6.10pm
Thursday 17 August 6.10pm
Sunday 10 September 7.30pm
Monday 11 September 6.10pm
Tuesday 12 September 6pm