Big Up North

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Event details

  • Friday 26 and Saturday 27 April
  • 7.30pm
  • The Dukes, Moor Lane, Lancaster, LA1 1QE
  • 01524 598500

Presented by Ludus Dance and The Dukes

Ludus Dance and The Dukes present two nights of performance that ‘Big Up’ the diverse and exciting range of high quality dance theatre talent on our very own doorstep.

With an exciting night of fresh, original performance from emerging professional artists and a second night of eclectic, energetic performance from community, school and youth groups across Lancashire and beyond, there’s bound to be something to tickle your fancy.

Technique, raw talent, dance across all forms, dance for camera… these pieces have been selected by a professional panel from Ludus Dance and The Dukes to take you through a journey of inspiration, tears and laughter.


Adults £11
Children £9
(Concessions £2 off, Supporters receive an additional £1 off)

Emerging/Graduate Artists

Becki Parker – Hunting for the Unicorn

Hunting for the Unicorn spreads awareness and educates audiences about autism by someone who knows about it first hand. It encourages everyone disabled or non disabled to find their own superpowers and just be themselves.

Chambers Dance Company – F

This audience participation piece is based around fear and how it can impact our lives.

AJ Dance Company – But found gaps inside the places she’d never fully seen

This piece explores themes from the poem ‘Let me tell the tale’ by Erin Hanson. It explores the individual feelings relating to moving forward, whether that’s in a career or personal life.

Charlotte Young – Morning. Noon, Night

Daily habits are embodied by the dancers in this piece.

Edge Hill University – For you, On you, With you

“For you. On you. With you…” is inspired by a Ted Hughes text. It reflects on a series of rapid meetings and departures where the dancers explore different approaches to these bittersweet moments.


Emily Moves with Nana – Memoirs of a Grandchild

This piece explores the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. Using knitting as inspiration for much of the movement, the wool is the thread that weaves the sections of the work together, discovering memories, music and objects all associated with the grandchild/grandparent experience.

Wired Up (Sophie Barrow) – Introductions

Introductions explores the nature of individuality and personality of three unique people in one collective space. The dancers introduce themselves using movement instead of language. Instead, sign language is used to help signpost the audience and introduce a new skill to the dancers.

Adam John Roberts – Virtual Reality

This sextet is influenced by the history of mobile phones and the emoji language and asks does this signal the death knell for language as we know it or is it all just a gimmick?

Ren Melling Dance – Jie Kai – Unravelling

Devised from the techniques of martial art including tai chi, karate and kung fu, this piece explores energy around the body and the projection of energy out into the space.

Dope Male Performance Company – Blame Each Other

Blame Each Other is an exploration into a male’s perspective on how relationships can be affected through shifting the blame.


Please note that the performances may contain sensitive themes and are recommended for 14+ years.



Preston Youth Dance Company – CROWD

This piece explores the concept of crowds – those we choose to join and those we don’t.

Blue Moose Dance Company – PROJECT: place

Place celebrates each dancers individuality, connections with one another and their surrounding environment and landscape. It’s the result of a two-day Dance Film Intensive project which took place in Ingleton last October.

Stepping Stones School of Dance – Hunger Games

Inspired by The Hunger Games films, chosen by the students.

Movers and Groovers – Maelstrom Theatre – Doing a GRAND JOB!

Doing a Grand Job is inspired by women’s roles in World War Two including munitions workers, factory operatives and the Home Guard who helped to keep the country going.

Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School – US

Building relationships through dance is the focus of this piece which is the result of six weeks work.

About Turn and Chorley Boys – NGOMA

This piece is inspired by African tribal culture and how tribe members have their own unique styles yet still move ‘as one’ community.

Beaumont Performers – Rules

This piece uses dance to help understand relationships.


Jennifers Dancers – Chapter One

Chapter One are a street dance crew from Lancaster, Morecambe, Carnforth and Kendal who explore different areas of street dance and focus on the foundation and history of each dance style. In 2018 they were chosen to perform with Flawless on their tour.

Ingleton Youth Dance – Roast Potato, Sweet Potato, Mash & Fries!

Exploring the challenges of finding your fit and building new friendships during transitions, such as moving schools. Everyone is unique, yet united…because we all like potatoes – hence the title!

Mpower Youth – Mind, The Gap 

Mind, The Gap is a piece based around how your mindset directly affects your life and the power you gain when you chose to fill it with positive thoughts.

RetroSpective – Who do we think we are

RetroSpective’s creative, individualistic and fun signature style explores themes of girl power and empowerment.

Mannin Youth Dance Company – Smothering Oxygen

Dance takes on the contentious subject of toxic waste being released into the planet’s atmosphere.

LYDC – Joy

Joyful African dance.