Andy Serkis

New Honorary Patron Revealed

We’re delighted to announce our new Honorary Patron – Andy Serkis. The actor who achieved worldwide fame portraying Gollum on the big screen is to be an ambassador for our theatre where he began his career. Andy Serkis has taken on this role just as we present our own outdoor walkabout version...

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Russell Richardson as Gandalf

The Hobbit Casts Spell Over Critics

The first reviews for The Hobbit are in…and they’re magical! The Lancaster Guardian describes our version of the Tolkien classic as ‘a breathtaking and exciting experience’ and praises The Dukes team who ‘have excelled themselves with The Hobbit.’ “We are extremely lucky to have such an incredible and dedicated artistic...

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Staff Review: Green Room

Cinema Marketing Assistant Lauren Randall, takes a look at the thrilling Green Room Mustang. Though not his debut feature, Jeremy Saulnier’s Blue Ruin (2013) announced his presence as a filmmaker with potency, a director and writer who could confidently move between acts of violent emotion and emotional violence and pepper...

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